Studio T Urban Dance Academy‘s Artist-in-Residence programs build bridges between schools, community based organizations, and teaching artists. We use Hip Hop an dUrban dance to inspire youth and their families to growth and personal empowerment.

If you are interested in learning more about a partnership with Studio T Gateways, please email us at info@studiotdance.com


Teaching artists work in partnership with a classroom teacher during instructional time to develop hands-on integrated dance experiences as a P.E. and recess alternative.

PasstoClass.com - Virtual Dance Classes for Schools (rainy day recess and P.E. alternative)


Teaching artists lead after-school dance classes for students. We work will all age groups and build toward a presentation experience. Youth also have access to perform on larger stages throughout the school year with Studio T’s professional performance company.

Graffiti Bridge - Mentoring program with Sacramento’s R Street Artist Lofts residents and inner city youth


Teaching artists partner with members of a community-based organization to develop and deliver empowerment a family component called S.T.E.P. (Studio T Empowering Parents) and now offers FREE workshops that help dance families grow in family management learning skills like budgeting, debt freedom, meal planning, How To Not Go Broke At Christmas, and much more. We also get our communities involved through Pop Up Dance spots, Community events, Dance Concerts, Workshops and more.

Enjoy these online resources:

The result: youth and their families are painted a new vision, with a desire to thrive outside what they see on their 'blocks'. The effectiveness of this recipe has been proven time and time again as her young protégé’s take on the world through dance and their pursuit of higher education.